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For over 100 years, golfing amateurs and professionals have both had humble blade putters in their golfing bags. Just watch any golfing movie or old golfing footage from the 20th century and you’ll likely see someone using the best blade putters to putt with.

The blade putter’s design is much simpler than the mallet putter’s design. The blade putter has a clubhead that is straight and in a blade-style shape. This clubhead connects to the putter shaft’s end near the blade’s heel, or sometimes near the center.

Basically, blade putters are known as traditional putters because they are the oldest putters to be used in the game of golf. The look of blade putters was easy to manufacture back in the old days. That was why they were used back then. However, the style of these blade putters is still recognized and used in modern golf, even though other more sophisticated putters currently exist. You will find blade putters used in European and American professional golfing tours. Famous golfers such as Phil Mickelson uses blade putters in these tours.

Before any golfer decides on using a blade putter to golf with, they need to consider numerous factors first.

best blade putters

Things To Consider Before Buying A Blade Putter

Stroke Type

If the stroke you putt usually has an open-to-close type of arc, then a blade putter might be better suited for you. Blade putters are usually toe weighted which lets the club sustain its natural path of swinging. Basically, players who have big arc strokes need to have more weight in the toe area of their club because it will be easier for them to open and close their putter face. Compare this to mallet putters which have a more balanced face setup to them. These balanced setups create a motion in the putting stroke that is straight back and straight through. When a putt is stroked, different players have their own comfort and preferences. Some prefer the straight back and straight through motion while others like the arcing motion.

Green Speed

Before you decide to use a blade putter, you have to consider the greens that you usually play on and their speed. If the greens have short grass and are fast and hard, then blade putters are perfect to use for them. All you will need to do is tap the ball delicately and your results will be consistent.


When a piece of golfing equipment is produced, one underrated aspect of its outcome is how the equipment feels in the player’s hand as they’re standing right over the golf ball. If you hold a blade putter in your hands and it feels better than a mallet putter, that is a good sign because it will give you the confidence to sink a lot more putts. When you go to make a putt, it is more important to think about the putt itself rather than the putter you are holding in your hand.

The Market’s Best Blade Putters

Nike Method Origin

The Nike Method Origin has a face that provides you with a solid feel. It also deep polymetal grooves with a resin layer behind them. This makes the Nike Method Origin a blade putter that is very forgiving to the user. The best part is that the Nike Method Origin has Nike’s unique RZN technology integrated into it just like they do with their other putters, irons, and balls. The putter’s resin polymer material assists users in controlling the distance they hit the ball and the overall feel of the putter itself. This is one of the best blade putters on our list.

Nike Method Origin Putter

Features of Nike Method Origin

  •  It has grooves which stretch throughout the face and all the way down toward the sole area. This allows impacts on the face to give users a better roll.
  •  The loft is equal to 3 degrees.
  •  The layer between the back and clubface is resin polymer, which will compress and then rebound while impact is taking place.
  •  Low handicappers and high handicappers will find this to be a good putter.
  • The face has double grooves to help users line up their putts and keep the ball centered.

Nike Method Matter

Like most Nike products, their RZN technology can be found in the Nike Method Matter. The blade putter is similar to the Nike Method Origin except for the feel of it. The Nike Method Matter feels very soft due to the resin material that exists throughout the entire face of the putter rather than just behind its grooves. The putter has a mostly black look which many find to be sleek and stylish. There is also a white alignment stripe which flows across the putter head’s top area. This is intended to help users begin their putt rolling so they get the ball on their desired path.

Nike Golf Clubs Method Matter B2-05 Putter

Features of the Nike Method Matter

  •  The face has grooves which helps the putter feel better and improves its roll ability too.
  • The feel you get from the facial grooves are suitable for gauging speed and putting long distance.
  •  If you do not hit the ball dead center, the ball may jump. This means those without a consistent stroke won’t find this putter to be very forgiving.
  •  When you strike the ball, it will not make much noise.
  •  You will have extremely consistent rolling from the putter’s sweet spot. The roll is very smooth too.

Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser # 1

If you are looking for a blade putter which gives you a smooth putting motion and has a face which provides an extremely soft feel, then the Odyssey Works Tanker Cruiser # 1 is the perfect blade putter for you. The Odyssey Works Tanker Cruiser # 1 has a combination of soft polymer and steel-mesh in the insert of the face, allowing users to get the very best from each type of material.

Every model of the Works Tanker has a SuperStroke Grip and a counterweight system for the top of the grip and the bottom of the head. The weight is adjustable to 30 grams, 15 grams, and 5 grams, allowing players to find the setting they prefer. Since everyone has a feel which is unique to them, the ability to change the weights for various greens will ensure they play better.

Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser 1 Wide Putter

Features of the Odyssey Works Tanker Cruiser # 1

  •  A flange that is wide.
  •  Weighted from heel to toe.
  • A stainless-steel mesh insert that is ultra-thin. Feels great with the Metal-X roll style pattern.
  •  The contract of black and silver help users line up and aim the ball.
  •  The options for counterweighting include 30 grams, 15 grams, and 5 grams.
  •  A pendulum stroke is enhanced through the design of the grip.
  • The loft is 3 degrees.
  •  You can customize both the weight and the length.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

Everyone knows Scotty Cameron has being a top-quality brand for putters. Their Select Newport 2 blade putter has certainly evolved into a unique piece of technology that is beautiful and helpful on the greens. Its insert is made of stainless-steel and includes shock absorption technology. It even helps you control the distance with putts that are off center.

The only discouraging think about the Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 is how expensive it is. But you can expect any Scotty Cameron putter to have a big price tag because of the quality putters they produce. But if you can reduce your number of putts on the golf course, perhaps it will be worth it for you to spend the extra money. Scotty is popular for making some of the best blade putters in the industry.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter 2016

Features of the Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

  •  The loft is 3 degrees. The good news is that it can be customized.
  •  The design and length of the putter can be customized.
  •  The design is very high-quality.
  •  There is limited vibration with this design to make the results steadier.
  • The putter can meet anyone’s needs with the line-up markings and adjustable weights.
  • The insert has a metal face which makes putts forgiving when they are a little bit off center.
  • The insert helps users get a feel for the distance and to smooth their rolls more.

Bettinardi BB8

The face of the Bettinardi BB8 is firmer than the average face of a traditional blade putter. Bettinardi is a company that uses a carbon steel material that is very soft and makes it uniquely different than other companies which produce putters. You will find the honeycomb signature of Bettinardi right on the face along with new finishes such as brushed nickel shaft and midnight black finish. The putter’s firmness guarantees that you’ll have solid feedback whenever the putt is struck. The only downside is the price is about as expensive as the Scotty Cameron.

Bettinardi BB8 putter

Features of the Bettinardi BB8

  • You can customize the loft, weights, grip size, and length.
  •  The honeycomb design of the face allows you to have very smooth putts.
  • You will never have identical putters due to the midnight black finish merged with the rainbow hue design.
  •  The mild carbon steel of the putter is very unique material.

Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Series

Golfers who arc slightly will want the Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Series blade putter. This putter series has adjustable face weights which lets users meet their own preferences and feel for their putter. They have blue face inserts for rhythms that are medium-to-fast and black face inserts for stroke tempos that are shorter. The TR Answer 2 even has an option for the grip to have a counter-balance weight in order to enhance the pendulum effect.

Features of the Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Series

  •  Enhance the feel and stroke tempo with face inserts that have customizable weights.
  • Get consistency and help with short putts by using the heavy weight inserts.
  • The length and weights are customizable.
  • Ball speeds can be normalized for roll consistency with the groove designs of the putter.

TaylorMade OS/OS CB Daytona

The OS putters by TaylorMade have faces which are longer than the faces on traditional blade putters. However, the longer faces give users more forgiveness. The inserts of the OS putters have a soft aluminum material which gives users a feeling of forgiveness off the face. This is definitely good for greens that are speedy. Even though the head is rather big, the putter has a hollow portion that is as light as foam.

TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona Putter

Features of the TaylorMade OS/OS CB Daytona

  •  Increase forgiveness with the large putter size.
  •  Filled with foam to give the bigger size a balance. This allows it to still feel light and to help you maintain control.
  •  A counter-balanced version of the putter is available.
  •  The insert has milled aluminum to enhance speed control and the overall feel.
  •  The face is designed to grip the ball in order to control your shorter putts.
  • There are sight lines of high contract that are raised to assist in aiming and line up.
  •  The counter balance option helps your swing be consistent and smooth.

Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0

The Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0 has its putting alignment line higher up to match the height of the golf ball’s central location. This is a unique change to the traditional blade putters which have their lines on the bottom flange. The theory behind Cleveland’s unique alignment idea is that a player’s alignment is off when they are not standing directly over the ball, resulting in less putts. Anyone who struggles with their alignment in the game will want the Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0. There are two inserts in the face that have a milled copper cap that rests over an insert which is softer, providing the user with a more consistent hit.

Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0

Features of the Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0

  • The length comes in 35-inches, 34-inches, and 33-inches.
  • Clean design so users are not distracted.
  • The sight line is raised to help players consistently line up the putt.
  •  The design of the alignment is supposed to support various alignments and help players be comfortable with various setups.

Edel Brick

The features of the Edel Brick resemble a steel shaft attached to a cinder block. Any player with a straight back to straight through stroke will love this blade putter. Rather than having the toe retain most of the weight, the whole head has its weight balanced. There will be very little swaying with this putter because of this.

Edel Brick

Features of the Edel Brick

  • Customizable length
  • The loft is equal to 3 degrees.
  • Weights in the sole help keep strokes consistent and to allow you to have a normal pendulum stroke.
  •  Shadows are minimized from the head design.
  • The design of the putter does not use the toe-down balance approach, but rather the toe-up approach.
  • Head weight can be adjusted for slower greens or faster greens.
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