What Are The Best Fairway Woods?

Most golf novices are advised to avoid using longer clubs like the long irons, drivers, and fairway woods. Instead, they’ll use either the newer hybrid clubs or the short irons. Any beginner you see on a golf course will likely have one of these clubs in their bag. And due to the success of the hybrid, the fairway woods have lost a great deal of popularity over the years.

But now, the technology behind the hybrid clubs is now being implemented into the newer fairway woods clubs. That way, new players can have an option to use a long-distance club that is effective and viable. The year of 2017 is already starting to show the increasing popularity of the fairway woods clubs. There are six fairway woods clubs in particular which are recommended by all the golfing experts. They are guaranteed to be clubs that are different than all the previous fairway woods you’ve tried before.

If you confused about which golf club you should purchase, then read further on. This article makes a comparison between the hybrid clubs and the fairway woods clubs. You’ll see the pros and cons of each one outlined for you. Then, you’ll get to learn about the newest technology being implemented into the fairway woods and why it makes these clubs a better option for beginner golfers.

The New Love for Hybrids

Although golf is considered to be a sport, most golfers play the game just to get physical exertion, pleasure, or just to socialize with their friends. A very small percentage of the millions of golfers out there are trying to land a spot in the semi-professional or professional circuit. Statistics provided by the United States Golf Association has shown that 70% of all golfers have a handicap over 10. That is why the majority of golf club manufacturers try to cater to this 70% because it will mean more business for them. The most popular category amongst golf clubs is for “game improvement.”

Therefore, golf club manufacturers have started developing new models of golf clubs which are easier to use and are more forgiving than traditional golf clubs. Golfers who have a high handicap or are simply new to the sport will likely pick longer clubs like the fairway woods or the bladed long irons. They quickly learn though that these clubs are tougher to effectively wield. On the other hand, hybrids offer the best of both clubs by giving you forgiveness, launching attitude, and a lot more accuracy. The best part is that hybrids can be used in multiple locations on the golf course such as the fairway, closest to the tee, or on the rough. You’ll find that most recreational golfers these days are carrying hybrids.

Are Hybrids Truly Better than Irons or Woods?

Hybrids will certainly give you a better golfing performance than long irons. Some of the benefits that hybrids will give you include improved accessibility, improved launch height, improved distance, and improved forgiveness. Therefore, unless you are a professional golf player who must have a particular type of club, then the hybrid is definitely a better choice than the 2-4 iron. As for fairway woods, they are a little better than long irons because of their long-distance benefits. When most golf players go for their first shot of the game, they are likely going to use a fairway woods club. Now, you could use a hybrid while you’re on the tee but you probably won’t get as much yardage with the ball after you hit it. That is why you should have a fairway woods club and a hybrid club in your golf bag.

best fairway woods

When to Go with a Fairway Woods Instead of a Hybrid, and Why?

You might think that choosing a golf club is all about improving your performance and game statistics. In the end, it really comes down to the individual preference of the player. So, you shouldn’t choose one club over another without trying out the hybrids and fairway woods clubs first to see which one you like better. You may very well be the type of golfer who likes the hybrids because they’re shorter clubs. Either that, or you may prefer longer clubs like the fairway woods. That is why it is important to test them out first before you purchase one of them.

If you still need a little help deciding on a club, let’s examine the attributes of each one:

Ease of Use:Since hybrid clubs have higher lofts and shorter shafts, they are much easier to use than a fairway woods club.

Accessibility for Beginners: Novice golfers, or those with a high handicap average, will have an easier time swinging the hybrid than the fairway woods.

Distance: Fairway woods are great for hitting the ball at long distances. You just have to learn to maintain consistency with the way you swing the club. Once you do, you’ll have much farther distances than you would with a hybrid.

Rough: In lighter roughs, the fairway woods club is better than a hybrid. In thicker roughs, the hybrid is better.

Affordability: As good as hybrids can be, they are also more expensive to purchase. Golfers on a budget will want to choose a fairway wood because they are much cheaper.

Versatility: If you are looking for versatility in your club, then a hybrid will give you it. While woods are good for long distance hitting, hybrids can serve you well in both short and long distances.

Skill Progression: Anyone looking to improve their golfing skill will need to get good with long clubs and short clubs. The best place to start is with a longer club like the fairway wood.

When you consider all the pros and cons of these clubs, the hybrids still come out on top as the preferred club for beginners and players with a high handicap average. But this doesn’t mean you’ll never use the fairway wood. Once you start getting more experience as a golfer, try switching to a 5 wood or 3 wood club to improve your versatility and long distance hitting. This will be especially beneficial on holes that are par 5 or higher. If you’re experienced enough, you should be able to get the ball on the green with just two shots.

Which is the Better Fairway Wood to Purchase?

A 3 wood is a good choice if you need a golf club that gives you better distance when you start at the tee. People who are currently using hybrids may find that switching to a 3 wood is the better choice. Also, if you’re using a driver and currently have problems hitting the ball into the fairway on a consistent basis, then upgrading to the 3 wood is a good idea. Once you get to the fairway, try a 5 wood out. A 5 wood has a higher loft angle which makes it easier to hit the ball higher up into the air.

If for some reason that you can’t get both a 3 wood and 5 wood, make the decision between the two based on the type of course in which the game is being played on. Just remember that 5 wood gives you some yardage and a lot of height, while 3 wood gives you a lot of yardage. Of course, if you can get your hands on as many clubs as you want, then stock your bag with a 5 wood, 3 wood, a few hybrids, and a set of short iron wedges.

A Review of the Best Fairway Woods of 2017

There is very little stratification when it comes to fairway wood ranges. There are fairway woods for better players, fairway woods for game improvement, and some that have a mixture of both. Below is a review of the best fairway woods which are part of these ranges and cater to low handicap players, average handicap players, and high handicap players.

Adams Golf Blue Fairway Wood

adam blue fairway wood

The problem that many high handicap players have with fairway woods is they cannot consistently launch their shots high into the air. The manufacturers of Adams Golf Blue Fairway Wood have created a wood that fixes this problem.

The “easy launch tech” fairway wood created by Adams Golf will improve the golfer’s spin, center of gravity and swing speed with each shot they make. This will allow golfers to consistently launch more balls high up into the air. The options available for this club include 7 wood, 5 wood, and 3 wood. This is one of the best Fairway woods on the list so you won't regret buying it.


  • It has easy point and shoot ability and is most suitable for high handicap players who want to learn to start using a fairway wood.
  • The club is also forgiving when there is a mishit and has decent par and accuracy for the distance of the class.
  • Overall, it will feel smooth and stable without much noise when you hit with it. The club is lightweight so it is easy to swing.


  • Experienced players may find that the club is too lightweight, so they’ll likely prefer a fairway wood that has more weight to it
  • The club is not as strong as other fairway woods that are available on the market. There is also no advanced configuration options or adjustability with this club.

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood

The Callaway contains a lightweight and contoured sole that’s huge. The manufacturer made this club specifically for people who want to improve their golf game. The design of the XR 16 has the “Warbird” classic look to it. Not only that, but it has a backward “Moment of Inertia” and a high “Center of Gravity.”

This will help the shooter land shots in the fairway no matter if they have a big miss or not. There are 7 wood, 5 wood, and 3 wood clubs available.

callaway XR 16 Fairway wood


  • Performs very well. When hitting off the tee and through thick rough, the 3 tee is the best.
  • As far as game improvement fairway woods go, the XR 16 is the most forgiving
  • The red shaft and matte finish of the fairway wood are also very attractive as well.


  • This fairway wood is not so great for very far away shots
  • ​Players also tend to find it difficult to get the ball higher into the air with the XR 16.

Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood

The F6 Fairway Wood has the kind of style and look that represent the Cobra brand proudly. Despite it being advertised as a game improvement fairway wood, the Cobra King F6 is a driver that can work well with players of all skill levels. It includes adjustable weight options by using a 20-gram tungsten part which you can put into one of the sole’s two slots. This will give you the opportunity to play around with the “Moment of Inertia” and “Center of Gravity.”

The hosel of the wood can also be adjusted. This will allow you to adjust the lofts by a couple of angles in the direction you choose. There is great versatility with the woods that Cobra is offering, since they have 5-6 adjustable woods, 7-8 adjustable woods, and 3-4 adjustable woods.

cobra king f6 fairway wood


  • The F6 has one of the best-looking designs out there.
  • It also gives the user great accuracy and flight after the ball is hit.
  • You can adjust the wood to make it suitable for various situations by taking advantage of its flexible lofts and adjustable hosel.
  • With all these adjustable features included with this fairway wood, it is truly one of the most versatile golf clubs that you can purchase.


  • There is not much forgiveness with the F6, so if you are a high handicap player then you might want to avoid this club.
  • You also have to play around with the adjustments on the club in order to find a setting that will suit your needs.

TaylorMade M1 Fairway Wood

The M1 Fairway Wood is made to be friendly to players of all kinds. Don’t confuse the M1 with the M2 because that club is made for game improvement. The M1 is more versatile as it contains two sliding weights that are 15 grams and a lot of other options for adjusting the loft.

The wood options available are 7 wood, 5, wood, and 3 wood. You can even choose from numerous shaft flexes. As a bonus, the Lamkin Performance 360 grip comes with the club too.

taylormade mens m1 fairwat wood


  • The M1 has two movable weights and four degrees for adjusting the loft.
  • This allows golfers to adjust their type of shot as well as the flight of the ball and the direction it goes.
  • The M1 is also great for distance shots from the tee while feeling smooth and balanced at the same time.
  • Most of all, it contains a high-tech design that will truly make you feel like a professional golfer.


  • Not a great club for players who like forgiveness.
  • It doesn't provide the best fairway performance either.

Titleist 915Fd Fairway Wood

The 915Fd Fairway Wood is made for players who have single digit handicaps. The difference between the Titleist F and the Titleist Fd is the Fd has a lower spin and smaller head in comparison to the F.

The 915Fd features an Active Recoil Design, or ARC, which decrease the spin and increases speed at the clubface. Despite there being no adjustable weight options included, the hosel is adjustable with sixteen various lie and loft combinations.

titleist 915d fairway wood


  • Provides more accuracy than forgiveness, which is what professional players love
  • An adjustable hostel and sixteen various lie & loft combinations are readily available.
  • This will allow the golfer to make easy shots from virtually any lie.
  • Although the feel is responsive and soft, the 915Fd is also very powerful and is great for long distance hits.
  • As far as looks go, this fairway wood is greatly appreciated for its aesthetic beauty.


  • Dirt and turf will often clog the ARC design of the club.
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