Best Golf Irons – A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

Most golf bags have iron clubs in them. Unless you are a professional, you might not know which club to choose in order to make a particular move. The specifications of an iron are different for each one and they are a variety of irons out there to choose from. Hopefully, you will learn more about that below.

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Golfing Iron Club Types

Forged Iron Clubs

To forge a club, the manufacturer sinks the metal into heat so the shape is rough and then gets it into the intended shape by hammering it. This is no different than what blacksmiths have been doing for centuries with metal objects like swords. Once the forged iron is made, the manufacturer finishes the clubhead made of carbon steel by grinding and milling it. Then, the polishing goes on last.

After the manufacturer is done, the iron club is left looking solid and durable. Professional players who appreciate having a club they are comfortable with will love forged irons. This gives them the ability to shape their shots properly and to manage the trajectory of the ball.

Cast Iron Clubs

If you don’t want to use a forged iron, the next best thing is the cast iron. This process involves melting metal so that it becomes liquid metal and then this liquid gets poured inside of a mold. The designs of these molds are very sophisticated which is how manufacturers are able to create head designs that look so fancy and complicated. Any time an iron needs these intricate designs with multiple materials in them, cast iron is the way to go. Plus, the manufacturing process of a cast iron is less expensive than the process of a forged iron. This allows cast irons to be more affordable to players.

Iron Designs

Blade Irons

The most skilled golfers will use blade irons. These clubs are made thin in so many ways, including in its top line and face. However, this does make the hitting area more compact and allows the weight of the head to be evenly distributed. Because of this, the central area of the head becomes a great place to hit the ball on. This location is called the “sweet spot.”

Sweet spots have a lot of weight behind it, allowing players to get a better feel for the iron so they can get their shot the way they want it. This extra weight behind it is the reason that blade irons tend to be called “muscle backs.”

Cavity Back Irons

When the back of a clubhead has a cavity, it is called a cavity back iron. Instead of having the weight be in the center of the head like with the blade iron, the weight is found more along the perimeter. With the clubhead having this extra weight on the edges, the club is a lot more forgiving to the player. Usually, you will see a clubface that is thin be joined with a huge clubhead. This allows shots that are hit closer to the perimeter to fly straighter and farther with the cavity back iron than they would if using a blade iron.

All this extra forgiveness with the cavity back iron is great for mid-handicap golfers that don’t care about the feel so much. Instead, they would rather have a sweet spot that is much bigger and more giving in their shots.

Iron Sets

There are typically 9 irons per set of irons. Each iron in the set is numbered based on its loft, or the clubface’s angle. You will likely find the 2, 3, and 4 numbers associated with long irons. However, it is becoming rarer for an iron to have a 2 or 3.

The 7, 6, and 5 numbers are associated with mid-irons and the 8 and 9 numbers are associated with short irons. You will also find wedges like the Sand Wedge, Attack Wedge, Gap Wedge, and Pitching Wedge.

Iron Hybrid Sets

If you’re having problems using longer irons to hit the ball, then try hybrid irons instead. These are an improvement on the cavity back irons that are more like mid irons with a smaller cavity. The hybrid clubs in these sets are basically part wood and part iron.

There are a lot of advantages to having an iron hybrid set. For one thing, the short irons with cavity backs to them will be very forgiving to players who are mid-handicap or newbies. Not only that, they will have more control when having to make short distance shots toward the greens. Also, the mid irons that have hollow backs to them push the clubhead’s weight toward the lower back of the club. This allows you to make mid iron shots much higher with less difficulty.

Finally, long irons give you accuracy and better control over the distance. An older player or someone with a big handicap number will find the iron hybrid set to have the perfect balance of features that will be suitable for improving their gameplay.

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Shafts of Steel

Steel shafts are the most popular choice that people make for their irons. Steel is a lot heavier and has more strength than a weaker material like graphite. Because of this, steel is not as flexible but it does allow golfers to be more accurate and increase consistency in their game. If your shafts contain stainless steel or carbon steel, you can be sure that the steel will be thick. However, your 4 iron will also get the same flexibility and torque consistency as it would in a 9 iron. And because the price is low and the metal is durable, most golfers love to purchase steel shafts.

Shafts of Graphite

Graphite shafts are less popular than steel shafts when searching for irons to purchase. However, graphite shafts still have their benefits for a player who likes lightweight shafts with flexibility. With this combination, you will be able to swing your iron faster and maybe even hit the ball farther during a golf game.

One downside to graphite shafts is in regard to how they feel. Even if the graphite shaft feels stiff, it won’t be the same kind of stiffness that you would feel with a steel shaft. Therefore, if you purchase a set of irons with graphite shafts, there won’t be consistency in the feel. Another downside is that graphite shafts tend to be pricey because it costs manufacturers more money to create these graphite shafts than it does for them to create steel shafts. On the other hand, you may think it’s worth investing the extra money if you are someone who has a preference for lighter clubs. People like this are usually female golfers, child golfers, and older golfers.

Shafts of Multi-material

Constructing shafts with multi-material is not done so much. This multi-material is basically a combination of graphite and steel in the shaft. On most of these constructions, the majority of the shaft is steel while the tip is made of graphite. The reason why it’s mostly steel is so the shaft can be solid while allowing players to have more control over their ball and the direction they hit it. And with a tip made of graphite, the players can use the club to hit the ball farther because there isn’t as much excess speed. Plus, this tip will prevent undesirable vibrations that may come up as you make contact with the ball. This will enhance the feeling you have when you take a shot.

Best Golf Irons- Our Top 5 Picks

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Golf Iron Set

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men's Golf Iron Set

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Golf Iron Set has undergone so many improvements. The topline, shallower blade, Speed Pocket, lighter fluted hosel are redesigned. The new topline and shallower blade gives the Golf Iron a more compact look. An addition of Face Slots and Geocoustic Engineering has utilized to preserve the ball speed and enhance the sound and impact. With its low weight, loft and lie can be adjusted to fit their needs. TaylorMade M2 introduces two new stock shaft irons, REAX HL 88 and M2 REAX. If you are wondering, any custom made shaft and grip options does not include any charges. TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Golf Iron Set is ideal for any players in all ability levels, it offers a new improvement for your game!


  • The speed pocket improves the performance by creating higher launch conditions.
  • The lighter fluted hosel gives the ability to adjust the loft and lie fit to its needs.
  • It has a compact look given by the thinner top line and shallower blade height.


  • The shaft is thick and dull.

2017 Cobra Golf Men’s KING Forged Single Bryson Iron Set

Cobra Golf Men's KING Forged Single Length Bryson Dechambeau Iron Set

This is the first ever single-length forged iron set of Cobra. It is named after one of the stars of Professional Golfers Association, Bryson Dechambeau. The improved groove structure can cause the golfer to deliver the spin and trajectory at its maximum. It has been re-engineered to deliver a constant trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges. With its TPU Insert Thermoplastic Polyurethane can dampen the vibration with the feeling of muscle back iron.


  • A superior feel and performance with its 5 step forging process
  • Has an improved groove structure to deliver the maximum spin and trajectory control
  • Tungsten weights are positioned sole of the club head which results to forgiveness


  • It has been observed that as you switch between the long and short length clubs, it causes errors.

Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

Callaway Steelhead is one of the products leading in the industry, because of its speed, forgiveness, distance and control. Because of its high-level performance, it has been featured at the Gold Digest 2017 Hot List. It produces more ball-speed thus, more distance will be reached. It is the signature face of the next generation of the 360 Face Cup technology. Easy launch and additional forgiveness is created as they have designed it with a new Hollow Bore-Thru which saves the significant weight. Short irons can produce lower and higher spinning shots and a keen control is needed with mid-irons.


  • It has been observed that with its face cup technology, the ball speed increases both center hits and mis-hits.
  • The stock eliminator technology is now steel-infused, which absorbs the unwanted vibrations.
  • The head of the center of gravity is situated low to produce a higher launch.


  • Expensive for and individual iron.
  • If you use mid-irons, it needs keen control.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016

JPX EX Forged has an increased distance and forgiveness, it is made of 2015 Boron catapults that made it deliver for a thinner face for more distance. The weight has been distributed out of the four corners to amplify the forgiveness to its maximum by the Power Frame design. Effortless flights are delivered with its wide sole design. The advancement can give you the elite feel sensation just like you can get with Grain Flow Forged Mizuno Iron.


  • It has designed with a sleek bold that has an anti-glare.
  • You can observe a power frame forgiveness since the weight is strategically placed to maximize it.
  • It is high-performing in all types of lies. The EZ forged allows you to enter and exit the turf.


  • It has a slightly oversized head and cavity that can cause slight miss hits.

The Number of Clubs to Purchase

How many golf clubs should you purchase? With so many options to choose from, you need to think carefully. The majority of iron sets start with a 4 iron and go up to a Pitching Wedge. Advanced golfers will likely want a 3 iron and 9 iron in their sets while maybe adding some Specialist Wedges too. A novice or older player will likely want a 5 iron and Specialist Wedge with some room left over in their bag for utility clubs and fairway woods. They won’t want longer irons so much as they would some forgiving wedges.

Distance gapping will be the main influence when it comes to deciding on a set. In other words, you will want to focus on the distance that you can hit a ball with each club of your set. Take note of the gaps which exist between each one. If you have gaps which are clearly noticeable, try modifying the configuration of your set to fix this.

Don’t Buy Without Trying Them Out

A lot of shops today will let you try out golf clubs first before deciding on whether to purchase them. This is crucial to take advantage of because you don’t want to end up spending lots of money on a club that you don’t like to use. Instead, you can try out each club and then find the one that you feel the most comfortable with.

Custom Fitting

Most mainstream manufacturers offer a custom fitting service. That way, you can have the irons made specifically to accommodate your swinging ability and size. The standard sets are made for players that have a height of around 5’10”, or 180 centimeters. If you are shorter or taller than this, then you should get a custom fitted club.

When clubs are custom fitted, the shaft’s length is the big feature that gets modified. Taller players will receive longer shafts and lies that are more upright. The stiffness you feel in the shaft can be customized in accordance with your swing speed. This will allow the club’s impact with the ball to not be too shut or open. You can even have the design of the head customized for whatever kind of shots or swing that you have.

Most professional golf shops can do a custom fitting job within 30 minutes to 60 minutes. There are even a few club manufacturers that have their own fitting centers which are fully equipped and ready to custom fit your club with the newest technology to do it. You will truly feel like a professional golfer there.

Obviously, the custom fitting will be more expensive than just buying a pre-fitted club set. The good news is that most reputable manufacturers will do custom fitting jobs for free as long as you purchased your club set from them. But even if you have to pay, it is only a small cost and it will be a worthy investment in the future because you will have clubs which are fitted just right for you.


When manufacturers give potential customers the ability to try out their clubs and equipment, these are called demo days. Customers will also receive advice and questions about choosing the right club and making sure it meets their particular golfing needs and specifications. You may even find trucks which have custom fitting technology in them such as computer analysis devices. This equipment will actually be able to study your swing and automatically create a club for you based on what it analyzes in your swing. Then you can purchase the club right away as you’re there.

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