What Are The Best Golf Putters?

The sport of golf is all about getting the ball into the hole. Too many golfers focus on getting a great drive when they tee off without thinking about the putting they’ll have to do as they get the ball closer to the hole. This goes double for amateur golfers who don’t even bother purchasing a quality putter for these short distance shots. Even if you were to tee off and hit the ball onto the green, you need to have a good putter if you’re going to get the ball into the hole on your second shot. Otherwise, you’ll waste multiple shots trying to put the ball into the hole. This is why experienced golfers take their putters seriously.

Putters are known as the finishing club. Every caddy is carrying a putter in the golf bag for the golfer they are servicing. There may be lots of woods and irons in the bag, but you can be sure that a putter will always be the most special club in the entire bag. The basic design of a putter has a flat head that almost resembles a mallet. But there are still different kinds of putters that are made out of different materials and have different designs. That is why the best putters to use seem to change every year. Let’s examine the best putters for 2017 so you can get your game off to a good start this year.

The Guide to Buying a Putter

In order to differentiate the various putters that are available on the market, you have to examine them based on these attributes:

  • Length of the Shaft 
  • Design of The Putter Face
  • Shape of the Putter Head
  • Balance of the Putter

Length of the Shaft

In professional golf, the smallest length that a putter can legally be is 18 inches. The measurement is taken from the top of the handle down to the sole. Putters can be any length longer than 18 inches as there is no maximum length that is legally set. However, if you choose a longer design then you should be aware that it may require you to use certain anchoring and gripping techniques. That way, you can securely place the club on your belly or some other part of your body. But if you are playing in the R&A or USGA, then it is illegal to grip and anchor the club like that. This is actually a new rule that just came out in 2016. Therefore, it is better to choose a putter that is between 32 to 36 inches long so you don’t get in trouble. If you come across putters that are between 41 to 46 inches long, stay away from them because those are belly putters and they’re illegal. And, of course, stay away from really long putters that are between 48 to 52 inches long because they will not help you in the long run.

Design of the Putter Face

The best way to improve your skill in putting is by practicing consistently. But if you want to be more effective in doing this, you need to choose a putter that feels right for you. The feeling you get from a putter depends on which insert and face options you initially chose for it. There are many different kinds of inserts and faces that can be used for putters. The feel of them is bound to be different, especially when used with varying golf balls. The best way to choose the right face and insert for your putter is by experimentation. Try out different putter combinations with different golf balls and see how it feels and sounds when you put. You may want to consider the type of green you’ll be playing on as well. Below are the different kinds of faces you can choose for your putter.

Groove Face – To be able to putt successfully, the ball must roll forward a lot without sliding, back spinning, or skidding. If the face of your putter has grooves, they will be more efficient at gripping the ball, then lifting it up from an idle position and then cause it to roll straight forward. Putters with grooves are available with either insert or metal faces.

Insert Face – Putters with an insert face have a non-metal face instead of a metal face. This makes the putter much lighter to hold and hit the ball with. Beginners will probably like using this kind of putter because it is more friendly to novices. They are best used with balls that are very firm. With all other balls, these putters won’t have much of a feel to them and it will be hard to put properly.

Metal Face – Most golf players use the metal face option for their putter. The different metal options for the face include steel, bronze, titanium, and aluminum. If you are looking for a putter with a solid feel while having the ability to center your shots properly, the metal face putter is perfect for you.

best golf putters

Shape of the Putter Head

There are primarily three different types of putter head shapes that you can choose from. They are listed below.

Mallet Head – Having a face on your putter that is balanced is important if you normally have problems with aligning your putts. Mallet heads increase your chances of aligning your putts properly because the back of the head has a great big mass with helpful visual aids around it. These visual aids assist the golfer with the alignment of their shots. Mallet heads are great for strokes that are straight.

Peripheral-weighted – This is an upgrade to the blade putter that adds more weight to the heel and toe of it. Ping is the one that pioneered this modification to the blade putter over 50 years ago. It was the first putter to ever have peripheral weight added to it. The advantage this putter gives you is consistency and forgiveness.

Blade Putters – These putter designs have been around for a little more than 100 years and are still used today. The putter’s face is balanced and the overall design is quite simplistic. You can use blade putters for virtually any kind of green that you’re putting on. The best green to use for this is one that has a faster or harder surface. If your putts can stroke straight, then blade putters are the best.

Balance of the Putter

The type of stroke you perform will determine the putter balance you choose. Putter balance is determined by where the Center of Gravity is located on the head of the club. Here are the two main putter balance types of the face:

Toe-balanced – The perfect balance for those with a swinging or slightly curved shot which makes the toe open while swinging back and closes the toe while swinging forward. Putters that are toe-balanced have various degrees of what’s called “toe-hang.” The more curved your shots are, the more you’ll need toe-hang.

Face-balanced – The Center of Gravity on these putters is located in the back of the face. This will make your sweet spots bigger as the face points upward while holding the putter horizontally on your fingers. If your strokes from the back are straighter and you like a putter that faces the target directly, then go with the face-balanced putter.

Best Golf Putters List

Choosing the best putters can be difficult, so here is a small list of the five best putters of 2017. The list includes putter designs that are the new, critically acclaimed and the most popular at the current moment.

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 

Titleist designed this blade that has a steel face with a steel insert inside of it. This insert was done so that the response and feel of the putter would be improved. With an extra membrane placed in the back of the steel face, it gifts the user a softer feel with its vibration dampening capabilities.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2


  • The putter has a classic silver finish which makes it look luxurious and elegant at the same time.
  • The putter is reliable for hitting birdies when you’re far away and also gives you a forward roll that’s stable.
  • The best feature of the putter is the vibration dampener because it is solid but feels soft. This gives balance to your strokes and allows them to get hit straight forward.


  • These putters can be quite expensive.
  • If you’re looking for a putter that is exceptionally forgiving, then this putter is not for you.

The Callaway Odyssey Woks Versa Tank Cruiser #1 

The blade design on this putter contains a Fusion RX insert that has a patterned finish. This will give the ball an extra roll forward when you put it. You can also adjust the weight of the head to 385, 375, or 365 grams.

Callaway Odyssey Woks Versa Tank Cruiser #1


  • The putter has a soft feel, but you can change this by adjusting the weight of the head.
  • If you make a soft shot, you’ll still get great speed and roll with it.
  • The putter appears larger than your average thin blade that has additional mass in the back of the face.
  • There are also additional visual aids which will help you with alignment.


  • Although the putter is stable, it has a pretty high heft to it.
  • When the putter makes impact with the ball, it may feel too soft for your tastes.

TaylorMade OS Monte Carlo 

This putter has a mallet design of midsize and contains numerous visual aids to help with alignment. If you are a handicap player, then the Monte Carlo is perfect for you. Plus, the mallet head features an insert which gives the putter more MOI and a bigger sweet spot that will give you dependable results.

TaylorMade OS Monte Carlo


  • This is a very forgiving putter which makes it great for beginners.
  • The putter is well balanced, accurate, and stable.
  • There are bright white and red visual aids that are raised on the large flange, which will help you figure out your approach.


  • The putter has a silver metallic finish which will create a glare when you’re putting under the bright sunlight.
  • Although the putter is extra forgiving, more experienced players will notice less feedback and feel while holding it. Every shot will feel the same to them.

Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter 

The face insert of this putter is made of polymer and rests on a light aluminum body. There is added balance to the putter with the alloy wings that are high density. Although the putter weighs 360 grams, it doesn’t seem to be an issue for most players. The copper infused face and milled finish are all you need to roll the ball forward.

Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter


  • If you’re performing a long or medium range putt on slower greens, this putter is ideal for you.
  • If you have an off-center shot, you’ll get plenty of feedback in order to identify it.
  • Most importantly, there is a lot of stability with the putter and its big head has a few visual aids which will help you align your shots better.


  • The visual aids are so pleasing to look at, that they can be a distraction.
  • Controlling the distance may prove to be difficult with this.

Nike Method Converge Putter 

This is now considered a rare putter because Nike has pulled away from the golf club business as of 2017. So, if you can find one still for sale at a discount then get it right away. This mallet putter has a 370-gram head and additional weight on the toe and heel, which gave it more stability. The head’s counterbalances can also be adjusted.

Pros – The putter has great accuracy and roll control. It has a stylish matte black finish and has very little glare. The soft insert gives it a great feel and provides great feedback. Its counterbalancing features help keep it stabilized.

Cons – If you make arc shots, this putter is not for you. There is also a counterbalance that you may not like because it could interfere with your playing style.


  • If you’re performing a long or medium range putt on slower greens, this putter is ideal for you.
  • If you have an off-center shot, you’ll get plenty of feedback in order to identify it.
  • Most importantly, there is a lot of stability with the putter and its big head has a few visual aids which will help you align your shots better.


  • The visual aids are so pleasing to look at, that they can be a distraction.
  • Controlling the distance may prove to be difficult with this.

Final Words

If you are a beginner, then it will probably be very difficult for you to choose the right putter for yourself. With all the different features and designs that are available, it can get quite confusing and complicated when you’re new to all this. Therefore, you should seek the advice of a professional or experienced golfer who can help you pick out the right putter. If you are currently playing golf and haven’t chosen a good putter yet, then do so right away because it will have a huge impact on your final scorecard.

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