Best Ping Irons Ever

When it comes to selecting the right clubs, it can be quite difficult especially if it’s your first time. As a golfer, what you need are the best ping irons that will offer you maximum distance and consistency during your game. Thanks to innovation, manufacturers are continuing to come up with better designs that can improve your ball speed as well as striking consistency. This makes your game to be easier and more fun. There are a few tips you need to keep in mind when looking for the best ping irons for your game.

a. Identify your skill level.

b.Know which brands offer durable sets.

Best Ping Irons Guide List

TaylorMade Men's M2 Set

TaylorMade Men's M2 Set

The TaylorMade Men's M2 Set was designed to offer players with a club that is able to achieve amazing ball distance without sacrificing trajectory. This was done with the sole purpose of allowing recreational players to hit better approach shots.

In case of mishits, the M2 was built to provide better forgiveness which in the end helps golfers to improve on their standpoint consistency. It has a thick – thin fluted hosel that helps to lower the center of gravity while promoting a higher launch and ball speed. It has a speed pocket designed to increase launch angle and preserve ball speed. It also helps to improve forgiveness for shots that have been struck below the face center. It has a light and extremely stiff 3D badge system which helps to manage sound and eliminate unwanted vibration. This offers a superior feel for golfers are considered to be the best ping irons ever.


a. Offers better playability

b.Offers better accuracy and forgiveness

c.Ensures distance control which improves the game of the player

d.It has an attractive look that will surely endear to many golfers

e.When used, it offers less vibration thanks to the light and extremely stiff 3D badge system.


a. It is thick and dull

b.It doesn’t have any sensitivity or creativity

c.The multimaterial used with the spine hosel looks busy.

Callaway Men's Iron Set

Callaway Men's XR Iron Set

The Callaway Men's XR Iron Set are newly built and shaped which ensures higher ball speed especially for levels that require refinement and attention. It is a 2 piece construction that has a dual heat treatment. The design has undergone precise and meticulous craftsmanship offering golfers the best ping golf clubs on the market.

It has an improved face up technology which acts as a spring on shots across the face helping to increase ball speeds on every location of impact. It offers lower center of gravity and higher ball speed. This is achievable thanks to the internal standing wave. Thanks to this, it helps to provide the face cup with freedom to flex for more ball speed.

It is designed as a single piece of thin metal which runs from the top and the bottom wrapping them together. It is attached to the rest of the chassis by a thin shaft of metal. It has two lines at the bottom grooves which make lining up of the club to be easier.


a. It is pre-programmed to achieve a high and straight shot with easy attitude throughout the set.

b.It offers a stand up forgiveness and accuracy.

c.It offers better distance control thanks to its design

d.It has a good stability and offers a lightweight feedback during game play.

e.It has a burly top line that masks a lot of tech underneath


a. It has been cited to have directional misses especially for people with fast moves.

b.Its large and hot faced head is not beloved by all

c.Does not come with covers.

TaylorMade RSi1 Iron Set

TaylorMade RSi1 Iron Set

It has an improved face slot technology that makes the irons to be the longest especially when you miss the sweet spot. The face slot technology is designed to provide greater consistency across the face by providing players with improved performance especially with mis-hits.

It has two slots that are located close to the heel and toe of the clubface and helps to provide uniform flexion across the face. Its design helps to protect the ball speed and generate more consistency when it comes to distance on off-center hits.

It is built with improve speed pocket with ThruSlot technology and helps to provide ball protection on shots that are taken below the center of the face. It offers increased angle of launch and ball speed on all slots. It has an advanced face design which is the thinnest with deep undercut and inverted cone technology. This helps to provide maximum face speed.


a. It is perfect in tough lines and offers sharp and substantial sole that is unfazed even by thick turf.

b.Its design offers a good balance between accuracy and forgiveness

c. The short irons are laser guided on scoring shots especially for less than perfect strikes

d.It is easy to track and offers rock steady performance through the turf

e.It has a great design


a. The black lines framing the hitting area can be distracting

b.Not all users experience consistency and distance control on misses.

Callaway Men's Big Bertha Iron Set

Callaway Men's Big Bertha Iron Set

The Callaway Men's Big Bertha best ping irons ever come with the same 360 face cup technology that is available in fairway woods. This helps to give the player more distance when needed. It is one of the hottest irons that Callaway has ever produced thanks to the internal standing wave.

It is designed to offer maximum forgiveness by allowing the player to achieve higher launch shots that fly straight. Its hollow body construction lets the player to assert the weight where it’s needed allowing one to get an incredibly forgiving iron.

It offers an advanced and progressive sole design which is wider on the longer irons giving one plenty of confidence. The narrow sole designs allow you to make the best shots. It has a progressive and modern top line that gives you confidence of a great game from the word go. Considered by most to be the best ping irons ever made.


a. It allows for easy sweeps from different lies. One can never have problems launching high shots.

b.It is one of the most forgiving models with very tight dispersion that helps to keep one in play regardless of the hit made.

c.They offer better distance control as they are reliable on most approach shots

d.Reasonable feedback helps to inform one of how well the shot was.

e.It is designed with a great set up that offers much better forgiveness.


a. It couldn’t make control shots from the rough

b.It does not have a lively feel like other models.

TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

The Speed Blade irons are built with the speed pocket technology that takes them to a higher level. It gives golfers an instrument that changes the nature of their approach shots which allows them to hit more green and shoot lower scores.

Visually, they are striking and combine a two-tone, satin nickel chrome plating with dark smoke satin iron plating. Its performance is attributed to the speed pocket, a handle bar shaped slot located in the sole of the 3-7 irons. This enables a large area of the face to flex and rebound on impact. This results in higher and faster ball speed, higher launch and better feel.

The speed pocket helps golfers to make low impact shots on a consistently higher, longer carrying and softer landing flight. It has been widened and lengthened giving golfers more face area especially towards the toe and the heel promoting higher launch angles.


a. It offers a lot of assistance in launching the ball airborne from any kind of lie. This offers a high trajectory.

b.It helps to cover up side spin misses

c.The clubs are able to retain distance on most reasonable hits

d.It offers stable through contact with little or no twisting and digging

e.It has great aesthetics.


a. It makes it harder to keep shots low

b.It is not quite long as many would expect.

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