Callaway x2 Hot Hybrid Review

Speaking in terms of who should pay closest attention to our Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid review, it is safe to say that both beginners and seasoned golfers could stand to learn a bit. Featuring a thin speed face that is engineered to deliver fast speeds on the ball and shots that utilize the entire face, this club is far more consistent in helping out the long shots that golfers favor when using a driver.

The internal club weight manages to increase the limit of forgiveness by reducing the consistency of those unwanted slices and hooks that add extra strokes to your game. Instead, the weight of the club manages to allow for further and straighter flight, insuring that you will find more enjoyment in the game and your ability. The loft on the Hybrids is so extremely precise that, along with the CG and sole designs, it can help result in an easy hitting, higher launch that can result in far more distance and a level of accuracy that is superior to other drivers.

In order to give a better accounting of how the X2 Hot Hybrid is designed and how it performs it is necessary to conduct this review of the Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid using a standard and Pro model. By showing the difference it is possible to insure that beginners and veteran golfers are better informed when they go to choose their clubs.

Callaway x2 Hot Hybrid Review

Callaway x2 Hot Hybrid Review

As one of the most attractive hybrids of 2014 the Callaway X2 is still a competitive driver when it comes to beginners and professionals. Its compact form is, from heel to toe and back to front a thing of beauty to behold. Topped with a clean grey crown, the face of the hybrid is just tall enough to give a player absolute confidence that they will be able to hit a ball that standing up just a little higher than usual. Confidence in your game is after all one of the most important parts of the experience, and in that regard the Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid easily lives up to the challenge.

As would be expected, the standard X2 Hot Hybrid is just a bit longer when measuring from heel to toe, and is even larger when looking at the front to back, particularly towards the toe. Overall it isn't by any means the largest club ever devised, but it does look quite large when set next to the Pro model. Another rather major aesthetic divergence between the Hybrid and other models is that in addition to its many other perks, the standard model features a stark white chevron on its crown that serves as an alignment aid.

Regardless of having a different look, both the standard and Pro versions of the X2 Hot Hybrid are still strikingly familiar. One of their most interesting characteristics is the high pitched emanation that comes upon impact. In truth they have a tendency to sound more like fairway woods than true hybrids, as has been stated by many a golfer and tester alike. While the sound isn't too shrill or even unpleasant, it offers a very different sound than would be expected from such a club.

Typically when you do happen to hit a ball just the wrong way, the difference is quite noticeable when measuring between the standard and Pro models. When using the Pro model you might feel the club twist a bit, but with the standard, the design is meant to offer maximum forgiveness for such mishaps and manages to cover up the mild miscue.

Gaining better distance with a lower launch

After picking up both of these very popular Hybrids a golfer will be likely to notice the difference in shaft weights. The Pro model is roughly 20 grams heavier than the stock model shaft used by the standard model. Also different from the standard model, the Pro model checks in around 2 swing weight points higher thanks to the heavier shaft. For some golfers those 2 swing weight points aren't really much to worry over, but many would concede to favoring the heavier shaft. Not only is the extra weight preferred for a more balanced swing, but it can increase the accuracy as well.

During testing each model displayed that they are able to reach great distances when it comes to their launch. Both clubs managed to launch low, though the Pro model was a degree lower. The real kicker when it comes to the distances they can achieve is the low rate of spin. While the Pro model experienced a great deal less of in terms of ball spin, both clubs were quite low and were able to create strong, accurate flights with an abundance of roll out.

Pros and Cons


Callaway Men's X2 Hot Hybrid

1) The Hybrid comes in two different models, the standard and the Pro.

2) The added club weight offers more forgiveness when a mishit occurs.

3) A taller club face offers a reduced chance at a missed or botched hit.


1) There are no movable weights on the Hybrid.

2) The Pro model isn't quite as aesthetically pleasing as the standard.

3) The Pro model is a bit harder to handle and requires a skilled user.


For players who want the super long distances that a Hybrid can deliver, it is still important to think about what you want out of your club. If you're looking to replace your fairway woods for something better, the X2 Hot Hybrids are the way to go.

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