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The Best Golf Swing Drills Any Golfer Should Follow

When it comes to looking for a sport to play; golfing would be one of the more accessible sports that you should check out. There are many health benefits that anyone can appreciate. The wide open beautifully manicured golf course greens with fresh air and good exercise. It’s a low-intensity exercise most anyone will be […]

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How To Buy Golf Clubs – A Golf Lovers Guide

One of the best sports you can play would have to be golf. It has tons of benefits just waiting for you. From the calories burnt walking around the greens to the fresh air you’ll get; it’s a great way to get your daily exercise and share in the great outdoors. But before playing, there […]

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3 Best Tips to Swinging a Driver

Whether it is for recreational purposes or to pursue a personal hobby, when it comes to golf, the proper swing of a driver can make or break your game. But what is a driver and how can you learn how to hit a driver? In this article, we show you what you need to know […]

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Golf Basics – Introduction To The Game

Golf is one of the sports that require focus and very good coordination. You must also be ready to spend many hours standing under the scotching sun. However, the game develops your muscle control, patience, hand-eye coordination and many more. The game is considered a sport of all ages and is an ideal one for anyone […]

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