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The Best Golf Swing Smartphone Apps

Let’s face it, these days there’s an app for everything, and there are quite possibly hundreds dedicated to golfing alone. As with much of the market, most of these are junk. They might be free or they might cost a fortune because of celebrity endorsement but there’s not even a guarantee that they work! When […]

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Best Golf Swing Trainer

Nothing bests practice when it comes to improving your swing. But while lessons and teaching can help improve your form sometimes modern technology and science can be the edge you need to really make it out the park. While your trainer is probably the best person to suggest what to get there are a few […]

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The Different Types of Golf Swing Trainers

Improving your swing is one of the most popular and successful ways of improving your game. When you want to lower your handicap or simply land your ball in a better place on the fairway you’ll need a good swing. There are many things that make a swing good or bad and fortunately, the right […]

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Swingbyte 2 Review

What is the Swingbyte 2? The Swingbyte 2 is an analyzer app for your golf swing. It can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet and works in tandem with a club mounted sensing device. The device itself costs between $95-170 depending on where you buy. But is it actually any good? Is it even […]

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Best Golf Swing Tempo Trainer

Tempo is the time it takes to complete your swing. It starts from the moment of takeaway until your completed follow through. For many amateur golfers, they swing much faster than they’re supposed to get the distance they want, but even professionals struggle with this. A hurried swing means an inaccurate swing so slowing yourself […]

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