Golf Basics – Introduction To The Game

Golf is one of the sports that require focus and very good coordination. You must also be ready to spend many hours standing under the scotching sun. However, the game develops your muscle control, patience, hand-eye coordination and many more.

The game is considered a sport of all ages and is an ideal one for anyone looking for a sport to take up as a hobby or to train and become a pro. This post looks at a few golf basics you will need to master before taking on a golf course.

The Objective

This is the most important aspect you need to know about golf. It requires that you get the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes of the club. The club is used to hit the ball and drive it towards the hole. The game has 9 to 18 holes and a player who scores the least is considered the winner.

golf basics

The Area

The player must be familiar with the golf course and the terms used to refer to the area around the golf course. One hole may be 100-600 yards; it depends on the proficiency of the players. Here are the terms that indicate different parts of the course:

  • Tee box- it refers to the area the player should begin playing for each hole.
  • Fairway- refers to the grass area that is trimmed, but which is near the tee box and the green. It is the only area considered ideal to land the ball.
  • Rough – it is the area of the field where grass is left to grow wild without being mowed. The landscape makes it harder to play the ball in this area so players will always try to keep the ball off the area.
  • Hazards- refer to the obstacles placed in the player’s way so as to challenge them during the game. They include: bodies of water, sand traps (banker). Driving the ball through this area is always difficult and challenging.
  • Putting green – It is the area where the hole is located, it is small, smooth and has well-trimmed grass.

The Clubs

Using the right club in each stroke of the golf game is important since it determines how you perform in the game. Different clubs have different ranges, thus it takes some time to know which club is appropriate to use to take a short in the mid-range.

The clubs used include:

  • Wood – it is made of wood even though the newer versions are made of some light metal. The club has a wide base and is used for long range driving. The clubs are numbered 1- 7 depending on their shape. These clubs are used during the early game. They are used during the tee shots and are referred to as the driver.
  • Irons – The club has a narrow head and its number ranges from 1-10. It mostly depends on the head angle. Irons are heavier and are used for both middle and short-range shorts. They can interchangeably be used with woods depending on the player’s preference.
  • Putter – they are small clubs that come with a flat face and are used for precision control.

The stance and Swing 

Normally, as you play golf, the body should provide the force required to swing the club. Proper body mechanics and using a good stance will certainly give you the swing you need to effectively play golf. This enhances the accuracy of the shot you make and prevents the player from sustaining muscle injuries as a result of poor body mechanics and positioning.

To get your stance right, spine towards the ball

This means balancing the weight in the middle of the feet so that the body can move freely. You need to position your hips and push them back as you lean the spine towards the ball. Ensure that you bend the knees slightly to improve on the stability of the stance. The swing may entail shifting the body weight to the extreme left while you allow the back leg to bend slightly as you pivot your toe.

Shots made by a player

The game of golf has a number of shots that can be made by a player. We have the approach shot, the bunker shot, the fairway shot and tee shot. The tee short is the first shot you make from a teeing ground.

This shot can be made using woods for long holes or could be made with irons for shorter holes. Alternatively, a player can make a fairway shot, which refers to a shot with mid-range distance. This shot is played with a fairway wood. When you want to get yourself out of a trap, you make a bunker short.

Just like any other game, golf too has some rules that need to be followed.

Here are the most common golf basics:

  • Ensure that you don’t carry more than 14 sticks in your back to avoid the penalty
  • When the ball falls off tee, you can re-tee it
  • You must identify where the ball crossed the hazard.
  • You cannot improve the lie of your ball or the position of the ball by bending or moving anything fixed or growing in your envisioned swing.
  • Rake in bunker - if the ball comes to rest against a rake, you may move the tool since USGA refers to it a movable obstruction.
  • If there are spike marks on the green, do not try to press them down
  • If the ball gets lost, you have 5 minutes to look for it. If you don’t get it after this time, it is considered lost. You must announce to your competitors that you are replacing the lost ball with a provisional one. However if the ball is found before you play the provisional one, you must abandon the provisional one.

Once you have mastered the golf basics, you need to move to the next stage: conquering the golf course. You need to practice consistently, repeat body movements, train the muscles to control the force so that you can effectively predict balls trajectory and learn proper positioning of the arm muscles. If you practice regularly, you will be able to improve your skills and this will help you enjoy your game.

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