The Best Golf Swing Drills Any Golfer Should Follow

When it comes to looking for a sport to play; golfing would be one of the more accessible sports that you should check out. There are many health benefits that anyone can appreciate. The wide open beautifully manicured golf course greens with fresh air and good exercise. It's a low-intensity exercise most anyone will be able to do no matter how young or old they are. It might be a bit difficult at first, but all it takes is practice. Golfing is actually one of the harder games to follow, which is why you see many golfers starting out younger. But don't let that intimidate you! If you just began golfing, then all you need to do is to keep on practicing. Fortunately, there are drills you can do in order to improve as a golfer. In this article, we will go over golf swing drills you can practice with.

Golf Swing Drills to Practice With

Your golf swing is one of the most important aspects to work on when trying to improve your golfing game. After all, the swing is what will determine the direction and distance of any golf ball. With a good swing, you will be able to hit the ball with ease and have the best golf game.

golf swing drills

When practicing or playing golf, you will need to focus on your grip. It shouldn't be too tight, or too loose. Hold your club strong and solid, but gently enough to follow through with a smooth swinging motion. The correct grip will improve the control you have over your club and swing.

Another thing to work on would be your stance. Make sure you are relaxed and flexible. Not only will you have better swings with a better stance, but it will not strain your muscles as well. Concentrate on comfort and by having a proper attitude you’ll master the game.

These three drills will help your ablity to improve on your arm movement and position, which will give you the natural swing you need to hit the ball in a winning way:

To Get Your Natural Swing:

  • Place a few golf tees five inches apart on the green.
  • Stand inside the closest tee and swing a 7-iron back in continuous motion with each tee.
  • Move forward while clipping each golf tee off the ground.
  • Keep repeating until you find proper balance and begin improving on your swing movement.

Simple Golf Swing Exercise:

  • Using a resistance band, place it under your left foot and position your knee in a way where you can pull the resistance band overhead to your right.
  • Do this ten times. Rest for about a minute, then repeat with the other foot. This exercise will help you with your swings and enhance strength and flexibility on your hips, back, and shoulders.
  • Another way to improve your swings would be through practicing slow motion movements, gradually increasing speed as you go along.
  • Set up 10 golf balls, swinging your golf club slowly with the first ball.
  • Increase the speed and intensity the more golf balls you hit. Do this until you find your rhythm and balance. The consistency will make you more familiar with a swing you are comfortable with and will have you hitting golf balls better.

After you have learned the drills and gotten the hang of it, repeat and keep practicing! That way, you'll get the hang of how to swing properly, and do it with ease.

In Conclusion

Golfing is a sport that needs constant practice and precision. With that being said, you will need to make sure that you have the proper stance and swing when hitting your golf balls. Golfing drills will help you improve on and know how to properly stand and swing. As long as you practice and have the commitment to keep going, then you will be able to become a better golfer and achieve your golfing game goals. These golfing drills will help you become more knowledgeable on what you need to practice and improve on as a golfer. Whether you are a beginner or advanced golfer, practicing these drills will definitely help your game and the many benefits golfing has to offer will be yours. Not only that, but you'll have a lot of fun along the way! So what are you waiting for? Get started on these drills today!

Did you enjoy the article or have any other suggestions on any golf drills to practice with? Then comment down below! We'd love to hear what you have to think. You may even help fellow golfers as well.

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