How To Hit a Golf Ball – 5 Steps To Executing It Properly

Golf is a beautiful game. It is played using a club and a ball. Learning how to hit a golf ball is necessary if you want to enjoy playing the game that relies on the player’s precision. The game is popular among businessmen, sportsmen, and other enthusiasts who have some leisure time to spend on a golf course.

If you are new and you want to play the game for whatever reason, it is necessary that you get started. However there are a few things you should learn and consider such has how to hit a golf ball before you start hitting the ball. They include:

How to Hit A Golf Ball Tips​

1. Buying the Right Tools

As stated earlier, golf is a club and ball sport; you need a ball and a club to play the game. The clubs come in different sizes and shapes. Each tool has its own function. You also need to know the different types of balls and the role played by different clubs.

Golf Balls

how to hit a golf ball

Normally, there are 3 types of balls you will find in the market: 4 piece, 3piece, and 2 pieces. The 2 piece is the most common type you will find in the market. It is suitable for beginners. The 3 piece and the 4 piece are intended for professionals and handicap golfers who require support to enhance their performance. The 2- piece golf ball is made of a solid rubber core surrounded by urethane cover or plastic. Their alteration is made through the compression core, size of core, and softness of the cover. This type of the ball provides a lot of velocity and makes it fly straighter. The ball is ideal for children, women and men who are learning how to hit the golf ball.

Golf Clubs

After learning more about golf ball, we need to look at different types of clubs. Ideally, there are four major categories of golf clubs: putters, wedges, irons and woods.

Woods are the longest and are used to give the ball a pushoff about 200-350 yards. Initially, they were made of wood hence the name. Nowadays, woods are made of titanium or steel. The head of woods is rounded, but the bottom is flat to make it easier to glide over the ground.

It has a big face and its loft is lower than other clubs. This makes it easier for the club to hit and send the ball the furthest. Fairy woods are those with higher numbers and are designed to be used to hit the ball when on tee or in the fairway.

The head of Irons are metallic and are used to cover short and long rate shots to mid-range shots (about 200 yards from the green). The club has a higher degree of loft compared to woods and are numbered 1- 9.

Number 1-3 are long irons, which have little loft and cannot push the ball the farthest. 4-6 are the middle irons and should be used when the hole is about 150-170 yards from the ball. 7-9 are the short range irons and are used when you are 150-170 yards away from the hole. If you want to make short range shots, you need to use 7-9.

Wedges- are used to make the ball fly high into air and have lofts much higher than others. The wedges come in 3 types: the lob wedge which is used to hit the ball and make it to spin a lot and bounce high, the sand wedge - used to hit the ball and escape tall grass or bunkers, and the gap wedge- used to hit the ball when you are about 100 yards from the hole.


They are the most used clubs. They are used to roll the ball towards the hole. The standard putter is about 33-35 inches tall, but they come in different sizes, they have a flat face which is generally smaller than other heads and clubs. They could be in the form of a flat blade which is typically used by experienced players with a fair accuracy in both distance and direction.

Alternatively, it could be a mallet within a flat surface which has a larger and heavier head hence they are used to cope with misfits. The face is always far from the surface and result in straighter putts because they are stable. If you are just beginning, it is necessary that you learn how to hit a golf ball.

With the iron with a larger face, it provides consistency for mid-range straighter hit.

2. Proper Set Up

As mentioned, golf is a game of precision. After hitting the ball, you remain stationery on your spot. This is important since it helps your hit to enter the hole. This implies that you must take your steps seriously. It will help you to learn how to hit a golf ball. You need to consider the following when preparing your setup: grip, posture, and stance and ball position.

3. Master Your Grip

The best way to learn how to hit a golf ball is to learn the correct grip. Always start with your left hand since it will guide you to sense the alignment. Ensure that your palms face each other and ensure that your wrists move up and down.

4. Boost your hit via your hip

This is a very critical thing you should remember. When you swing the club, ensure that you don’t provide the force that results from bending the waist. Instead, ensure that you bend your hip. Also, ensure that the legs are apart. However, they should not be too far apart.

The knees should be bent slightly and the legs lined up, while the shoulder is parallel to the target. This is the simplest way you can learn how to play golf. However, don’t imagine that you will get everything right on the first attempt.

Seek advice from friends and practice consistently. Remember that playing golf requires that you enjoy the game. Have fun and follow every step outlined in the process of learning how to hit a golf ball. This will make you successful.

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