Swingbyte 2 Review

What is the Swingbyte 2?

The Swingbyte 2 is an analyzer app for your golf swing. It can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet and works in tandem with a club mounted sensing device. The device itself costs between $95-170 depending on where you buy. But is it actually any good? Is it even worth buying?

By analyzing your swing you can actually tweak your game so that you get a more accurate drive, and even a more accurate putt. Your swing can be off in so many different ways that it’s almost impossible to get a perfectly straight hit, even professionals struggle! While time at the practice range is by far the best solution not knowing exactly what you are supposed to change may mean you’re simply cementing bad form.

The Swingbyte prevents that. The app displays analysis including 360-degree views of your swing, your club head speed, the face angle, the swing path, and the swing tempo. It will also video your swing from your device and allow you to compare in real time where your swing is and where you should be aiming. The sensor weighs less than an ounce so you don’t have to worry about the weight affecting your play.

The thing is, there are plenty of similar analyzer devices out there, and some have much better apps than the Swingbyte so what’s the comparison?


-Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device


The Swingbyte 2 transfers data instantaneously to your phone or tablet and attaches quickly to any club. It weighs less than an ounce and is USB rechargeable. The company is very good with customer service and the app gives you comparison features as well as an online analysis tool that can show you were to adjust your swing.

There are also instructional videos and data for pro tours. You can use this with practice balls and with regular balls. The data is within 1-3mph of accuracy and there’s no special setup other than installing the app.


if you have any stickers on the club shaft the device has a tendency to come off and it will still shift over time. It will also rattle loose on skulls and hossles frequently or any shot that produces a lot of shaft vibration. There are some issues with iOS and an intermittent connection or the app simply shutting down.

-3Bays GSA

3Bays GSA

3Bays GSAPros:

This is a much simpler piece of equipment than the Swingbyte. It’s really only meant to give you a visual difference between your optimum release point and your actual release point. There’s the same 3D views where you can see your swing and it also displays your arc and the angle of the ball after striking.

Unlike the Swingbyte this pops into the end of the grip of your club so you don’t have to worry about it popping loose, even on shots that would affect the Swingbyte.


If you want to use it on multiple clubs it’s a little harder to pop out, you’ll also have a lot more trouble reading the app information on a sunny day as the interface is very dark and hard to see.

The design of the app is also not as user-friendly as the Swingbyte and it can be a little harder to figure out exactly what you’re looking at since it only shows the swing path and not a playback video of your actual swing. Make sure you get the right device version – the actual sensor comes in android and iOS specific.

-Zepp Golf 2


Unlike the other devices Zepp attaches the sensor to your glove rather than your club, the neat thing about the Zepp tool though is that it actually uses your phone as an additional sensor. By placing the device in your pocket your app will also analyze how much hip rotation you’re putting into your swing, something none of the others offer.

The app also gives the option of using video playback or a computer generated model to see your swing. There are training programs based on the data you create from using the app and you can also compare your swings to those of pro golfers.

The app measures swing tempo, plant, backswing length, speed and more. The sensor is actually made to work with multiple sports so you can use it for things like baseball too with that companion app!


By having the sensor on the glove instead of the club you’re getting a little less accurate information, even though you’re getting far more of it. Make sure you download the app first if you’re an android user as it only works on certain operating systems and you may be wasting your money otherwise.

-Blast Motion Golf Replay/3D Motion Capture Trainer

Blast Motion Golf Replay:3D Motion Capture Trainer


The best of PGA golf show 2016 the Blast is by far the newest device on here. The accuracy is astounding and it’s used by a variety of pros. The app gives helpful tips and tailored drills to improve your accuracy. The sensor attaches the same as the 3Bays but it’s much smaller so you really don’t notice it’s even there. It attaches to a driver or putter and can analyze both strokes.

Captures video and real-time motion as well as storing your stats until your tracker and device are within range again if you walk away. Compatible with both iOS and Android it’s also able to overlay statistics and angles onto your video.

You’re getting the most statistics possible even with more unusual ones like energy transfer, down swing time, lie, rotation, and all the metrics you could need to examine with your swing.


It doesn’t respond to voice commands like the SwingTalk, and it also can only be used on the one sport, unlike the Zepp.

-SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer

SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer


Another device that pops right into the grip of your club, at 0.3oz you won’t even notice it’s there. The device notes angle, trajectory, and more. It offers pretty much the same statistics as the Zepp and almost as many as the Blast. By far the coolest thing about the SwingTalk though is that it is voice controlled.

Your device will talk to you like an actual trainer and tell you what your swing speed etc is.


The software isn’t easy to set up, you have to make an account with the manufacturer Golfzon. The device also has to be aligned properly with the club face so this won’t work for every club.

So is the Swingbyte 2 the Best?

This is a pretty resounding no. The Swingbyte is a couple of years old now and it’s definitely been replaced at the top spot by the more accurate Blast. For only a few dollars more you’re getting a better app, better device, and unless you’re absolutely determined to have the voice coaching from the SwingTalk the most options available.

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