Taylormade SLDR Driver Review

There are debates amongst golfers concerning whether the Taylormade SLDR Reviews are fair and objective. It has a low-forward CG, it is an ideal club to use on any course and can assure a consistently higher launch. This gives your ball a burst of speed with very low spin that can add to the distance of your drives. The Taylormade SLDR is among one of the more sought-after drivers that beginners and pros both can agree is capable of helping step up their game.

The Taylormade SLDR also includes a sliding weight option that can help adjust your shot by using the 21 weight positions featured on the club. It also features the capability to reduce or increase the amount of loft to as much as 1.5 degrees. This is done by using the patented 12-position loft-sleeve feature.

Taylormade SLDR Driver Review​

The SLDR is considered the easiest driver to use in the Taylormade series. During its development, those in charge of its design didn't give much thought that it might add or detract from the rules of distance.

The manner in which a golfer achieves maximum yardage is achieved when you combine a high launch with a low spin and a faster speed on the ball. The CG on the SLDR is low and forward. This helps to promote a greater amount of speed and a reduced spin. In order to get that high launch the club allows you to create that superior loft that can help immensely with your drive.

The benefit of the low and forward CG on the SLDR is largely due to the 20-gram sliding weight that is situated on the sole. This is what helps to gain that dramatic increase in the distance it can carry the ball. By moving the CG this far forward, a driver experiences a monumental shift that tends to revolutionize how clubs are designed. For so long it's been common knowledge that a CG was better situated low and back on the average driver.

Fortunately the designers at Taylormade discovered the fallacy in such a design. They discovered that generating distance would require a different and innovative idea. By moving the CG forward it was discovered that distance could be maximized and that loft could be increased by two or three degrees.

Taylormade SLDR Driver Review

Features that make the SLDR an elite driver

The features of this are well-designed and take into consideration the skill of the user as well as the desire to improve a golfer's game.

1) Sliding weight

The weight of the SLDR is a reinvention that has revolutionized the movable weight and made it far more efficient for golfers to use. The movable weight also shifts the CG in a horizontal manner towards either the heel or the toe. This promotes a draw or a fade depending on which side the user shifts it to. The weight of the SLDR also allows the user to shift the CG just enough to gain the benefit of a side to side trajectory of up to 30 yards.

Well-constructed, the slide weight is expertly crafted to slide along its track and not come loose from the head of the club. Sliding the weight is exceedingly simple. Just loosen the screw, slide the weight to any of the 21 desired positions on the track, and then tighten it again. This process takes little time. As a bonus for the user the sole of the club is marked "fade" near the toe and "draw" near the heel. This is to make certain that the user is able to best position the weight so as to shape their shot as desired.

2) Adjustable loft sleeve

The loft sleeve technology also allows for the adjustment of loft. The user can select from 12 different positions that offer a range of plus or minus 1.5 degrees of change. The SLDR is at this time available in three different lofts, which are 9.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees, and HL.

3) Aesthetics

Let's face it, if you look good you feel better about your game. And the better you feel about your game the more relaxed you'll be. The SLDR's shape, color, and impressive visual accents have been designed to make it one of the more visually compelling clubs that's ever been created. The modern-classic form creates a visual impression that will wow those around you and invite conversation. The clean and sleek design of the movable weight will easily impress others.

Pros and Cons


1) The sliding weight allows you to shape your shot to the exact specifications you want. This increases your accuracy.

2) The low forward CG on the SLDR affects both your distance and balance. This affords the user a heavier swing with greater loft potential.

3) The SLDR's design is highly pleasing to the eye and is sure to impress on any course.


1) It's not a one size fits all driver.

2) There is no face angle adjustor on the SLDR. This means that some golfers would need to adjust their shot and by doing so risk losing a measure of accuracy.

3) The sliding mechanism on the SLDR adds weight that many golfers might not be used to.


We hope that this Taylormade SLDR driver review has helped you learn more about the driver. Whether you're a beginner or a pro this type of driver is certain to help with your game and maximize your distance. Despite being a bit heavier and obviously engineered for a certain type of golfer, the SLDR is sure to benefit the game of any user.

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