The Best Garmin Golf Watch Reviews For The Avid Golfer

Most Garmin golf watch reviews speak of how well Garmin watches perform and how well they can help you improve your technique. If you're thinking of buying a Garmin golf watch, you'd do well to read a few regarding the products you're choosing from. Though Garmin is a company that creates high-quality golf watches, each of their watches have some different capabilities and features. All perform the same basic tasks, but each model offers a little something extra. You can read through reviews to compare watches and see which one would work best for you.

Among all of Garmin's golf watches, a few really stand out from the rest. These are the cream of the crop, so to speak, and many users can vouch for how well these watches perform. Checking reviews of the products will give you a better idea of what these products can do for you and how they can aid you in your game. You'll learn about how many preloaded courses they have, how long the batteries last, and the special capabilities specific to each model.

A golf watch is like your own personal score keeper and trainer, but probably less tough on you. You'll get to track your progress and see an objective evaluation of your shots in terms of distance. A golf watch is also like a guide; it can show you a map of the green as well as provide the precise measurements of distances that affect your game. This way, you can calibrate your swing and your shot to attain the best results. Because a golf watch can do so much for you, it only makes sense that you choose the best one that can deliver all your needs. With that in mind, here is a review of five of Garmin's best golf watches.

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Wherever in the world you are, the Garmin Approach S2 can point you to the nearest golf course. It has over 40,000 preloaded golf courses in different countries around the globe. You'll also receive free course updates four times a year for as long as you have the watch.

The battery can last for as long as three weeks on watch mode, though it only lasts for up to eight hours on GPS mode. However, this is compensated by strong GPS signal and better tracking under trees. The watch also precisely measures yardages across the green, as well as layup and dogleg distances. Known by most as one of the best Garmen GPS watches around.

Garmin Vívoactive

 Garmin vívoactive Black

When you lead an active lifestyle, all of your gadgets need to be able to keep up with you. The Garmin Vivioactive is not only a great watch for golfing, but is also useful in running, biking, and swimming. Plus, if you pair it with your phone, you'll be able to receive notifications for emails, calls, texts, social media apps, and calendar items. It is also lightweight, thin, and you'll have no trouble looking at the screen in sunlight.

You can download over 38,000 golf courses from Garmin's database into your watch. The golfing watch also provides constant updates to guide you on where to go next.

Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch

The Garmin Approach S3 is quite the flexible golf watch. For one thing, it is waterproof. It can also function as a regular watch as well as an odometer that can track how far you walk. You can also customize the distances it can detect and input yardage points.

There are more than 27,000 courses from around the world preloaded into the watch. You'll also get free course updates, as well as a view of how the green is shaped. The display is high-resolution and glove-friendly, which means you'll have an easier time accessing the controls on the display.

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

Have you ever wanted a post-game analysis of how you played after a round of golf, just like the pros? The Garmin Approach 20 can auto-record and measure the distance of your shots so you can have a full analysis that can be accessed on your Garmin Connect account. With this, you can vastly improve your technique and identify your strong points.

You can have a detailed account of your own gameplay, and you'll also be able to identify points for improvement. Many Garmin golf watch reviews are raving about all the features and capabilities of the Garmin S20.

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

Simplicity is beauty, so they say, and the Garmin Approach S4 is exactly that. It may not have the frills and special capabilities that the others on this list have, but if you just want a streamlined and durable golf watch that can meet all your basic requirements, this is the watch for you.

It can show the shape of the green and how it's laid out, and it can also receive notifications for messages and alerts. The battery lasts for up to 10 hours in GPS mode and six weeks in watch mode. It also has over 30,000 preloaded courses from around the world. This is one of the best Garmen GPS watches on the market.


By now, you'll be able to compare each product in the list with each other. Hopefully, you'll also see which model really stands out to you. Of course, don't just base your decision on this one list. Go and check their Amazon pages to see what previous users have to say. You can also take a look at which pro-golfers use which Garmin watches during training.

You'll also need to be able to weight the pros and cons of the product. Of course, nothing is perfect and every product is bound to experience some hiccups. They may even come short of some of your expectations. Think of which features and capabilities are the most important to you, and which flaws are deal breakers for you. Make sure that you don't get too picky, though, because you might miss out on a great product that compensates for its flaws. Read as many Garmin golf watch reviews as you can so you can make an informed choice.

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