Titleist Velocity Review

When comparing performance, the Velocity stands toe to toe with the Pro V1 and Pro V1X. Its revolutionized design also allows it to gain more airtime and achieve greater distances. This ball has been redesigned to increase the potential drive of any golfer. Its LSX core has been modified to 1.575 inches across. Titleist has also managed to reformulate the materials used to create the ball. This gives it a faster initial velocity while still keeping the spin low.

Even the formation of the ball is meant to keep the launch fairly high with low spin and high speed. This is why the 328 dimples surrounding the surface of the ball have been given sharper edges with steeper sides. This way it can provide that needed lift to better compensate for the reduced spin.

When using a wedge the ball spins less, but with a driver the results are similar to those seen when using the DT TruSoft. The comparison between the two Titleist-made balls is fairly significant depending on which club is used.

On chip shots, the Velocity outperforms the DT TruSoft and a few others thanks to its two-piece design. When used with a putter it is also superior reasonably easy to use. If you're looking for balls in this price bracket it makes more sense to stick with the Velocity. The Titleist Velocity reviews have been remarkably positive thus far from testers and golfers. Many agree that for a two-piece ball it is a very durable and quality product.

Despite the price, the Velocity is the favored ball of many golfers. It is durable from cover and offers the mid to slow swing speeds that can help to prove its performance and justify its cost.

Titleist Velocity Review

Titleist Velocity Review

Placed side by side with the Pro V1 and Pro V1X, the Velocity tend to get the most airtime. Many golfers tend to prefer the power that the Velocity offers. This is largely because the Velocity has been designed as a distance ball. It is the ball that is used when a golfer wants to hit one down the fairway and lose sight of it before it lands. The distance that is achieved with the Velocity has kept many golfers stocking their bags in order to keep their game moving in the direction they want.

Like so many balls before it the Velocity was white-box tested by roughly 40,000 golfers during testing trials. Through their feedback it was possible to adjust the enhancments that make this model superior to others.

Its reformulated LSX core generates high speeds for more force coming off the tee with long irons. The spherically-tiled design is highly symmetrical and produces greater stability. This also grants a more shallow angle of descent and a bigger likelihood of rollout. With the core of the ball softened as well it offers better feel than other balls.

The testing methodology used by golfers and testers when reviewing the Titleist Velocity is similar to other reviews with other balls. Balls are tested on the course, and on a launch monitor. Data is collected by using a wedge, a 6-iron, and a driver. These tests are fairly standard and are conducted by testers who are able to gauge just how effective a ball is by how far it travels and what kind of launch it attains.

Pros and Cons


1) The Velocity manages to generate the least spin of any ball and has achieved great distance with middle irons.

2) The Velocity is designed for maximum distance. With it's two-piece design and ridged surface it can provide far more impact that allows for a more powerful shot. This can prove to be an advantage when seeking those longer drives.

3) The loft with the Velocity is much higher than other balls, and provides a straighter shot. For chip shots this feature is sought after by many golfers. The ability to play the ball easily out of the rough is invaluable. Added to that is its low spin and the increased likelihood of rollout thanks it its new design.

Titleist Velocity Review

1) One of the drawbacks of the Velocity is that the cost can become a bit much for some golfers. Replacing balls in this price range tends to get a little expensive.

2) For some golfers the loft is a little too high and doesn't level out until further along its trajectory.

3) Despite being built for maximum distance it is still lacking when compared to other balls in the Titleist series. Among Titleist balls the Velocity is not quite as long as others. Despite its superior speed and distance it is still lacking in at least one or two categories for many golfers.


This Titleist Velocity review might show that the balls may not be in your price range, but the temptation is worth the cost. At the very least it is a sound and superior product that can add a new level to your game. With its new, redesigned two-piece shell and renovated hexagonal appearance the Velocity offers a promising upgrade to anyone's game.

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